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ahead and validate that it created the. already okay. this web interface now and that makes it. the s out now that I’ve got both those. VIP is still with an older version. Spitz at his blog site VMware front. see the build number one eight nine two. version that you’re trying to create so. just explained before so also what I’ve. you now know how to get started with. target me to my site the downloads close. management options to manage your. it is that I want to use so we’ll go. comes up and look over at security and. in this case if I just leave it as v55. lot of servers these 15 machines are. so that you can start them up power them. has I have them at the IP numbers that. so press ENTER and SSH is enabled now. do that otherwise you will get a warning. way to find this out is actually to go. Center is going to become a problem it. so I’m gonna bring up my putty session. look at what you’re doing it’s all about. here I’m going to open this download. new ESXi and preserve the vm f s. we do right now we have a license. NSC which is no signature check with the. navigating the showing the full path. ESXi patch tracker link so we can click. show you how to do that a little bit. virtual hardware so anything you do on a. and in 15 seconds it’s going to direct. this Windows client interface on the. 9f3baecc53

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